Note : Fortress War is every Sunday at 19.30 Server Time.

Hotan fortress:
dummy Tax: 0%

Jangan fortress:
dummy Tax: 0%

Bandit fortress:
dummy Tax: 0%
Solo EXP : 40x

Party EXP : 45x

SP Rates : 30x

Drop Rate : 20x

Gold Rate : 15x

Quest Reward : 5x

Job Rate : 25x

StartSP : 500k


Want to to get away from the same routine and the same concept of all servers?
Well, we ve got what you want and been looking for! We have given this system so much thoughts !


We know most of you have been looking for a reliable server to play, We re honored to present you Elite Silkroad. Created for all the players in search of an exciting adventure,experience, distinct features, and much more.


Our Team

Ruthlessly | Administration | Development
Sallam | Administration | Development | Graphic / Web Designer
Alexander | Administration | Graphic Designer | Game Master
Black | Supporter | Game Assisstant
NAME? | Investor | Game Master